Our Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries are Christ-centered and “transitional.”  What do we mean by Transitional? This simply means that our Bible studies and student activities are designed not only to communicate with each group where they presently are, but also to prepare them for their next transition on their life and spiritual journey.  This allows each group to give back in sacrifice and service to the group or groups transitioning after them.  I Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV) states, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as in fact you are doing.”
Our Sunday Children’s Program has two major components.  We offer Bible study classes for our preschool children and our school-age classes are grade-based. These classes take place during the church’s “X-Hour” which begins at 10:00 am.  Beginning at 11:30am   Our Children’s Church Program is filled with games, awesome music, crafts and great teaching by our numerous adult and young adult volunteers.

Throughout the week, our children have more opportunities to discover their potential, build leadership skills, and grow their heart for worship in such areas as the “Voices of Friendship” Choir, Boys & Girl Scouts, and tutoring.

Our Youth (or Student) Ministry is for our youth from 6th - 12th grade.  They also meet in grade-based Bible study classes at 10:00 am for “X-Hour.” Beginning at 11:30 our youth gather for the Youth Worship Service. Typically, our youth worship team will lead worship then,  using various formats, we ensure we are pointing our teens to Christ in everything they do.  It’s the belief of this Ministry that if we make Jesus relevant to the culture then, in that, thoughts, decisions and behaviors will change.  

Through events such as our regular Bible discussions, “Voices of Triumph” choir, Scouting Ministries, group prayer times, outings, retreats, as well as gender-based discussions with our mentoring programs, we remind them of God’s amazing grace and the awesome gift of Salvation that is offered. These events are designed to teach them the importance of our great commission to evangelize and make disciples.
Our ministry to our Young Adults continues as our youth  graduate and move into college or careers.  
Our Sunday Ex-Hourgathering is from 10:00-11:00am weekly, downstairs in the Carrington Building.

Our ministry to young adults extends to our neighboring college communities.  

The FBC College & Career Prep Initiative (CCPI),  as part of the Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry (CYYA), assists our students, parents, and families to achieve academic, higher education and career success by providing  K-12 educational, post secondary, and career resources in a Christ-centered environment.  

The CCPI team is excited to invite you to join two exceptional social media tools - The FBC Educational, College and Career Resources Google Classroom and the CCPI Facebook page - each  stocked with information designed to help you to successfully navigate educational, and college/career readiness systems especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, and beyond.

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Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings

Wednesday Evenings


Children's & Youth ExHour - MPB
Young Adult ExHour - Carrington Bldg, Basement


Pre-K - 5th Grade - Worship  - MPB
Youth (6-12th  Grade - Carrington Bldg, Basement


Voices of Triumph youth choir holds rehearsal on selected Wednesdays at 7:30pm .
Contact us for details.

Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity 

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Summer is Half over!!!


When you feel overwhelmed by the poor behavior of your children, here’s an exercise that will give you some direction. In fact, this activity is good for any parent looking for ways to help children grow, but it’s especially helpful when you’re confused and overwhelmed by a problem’s complexity or deeply rooted nature.
Take out some paper and make a list of the offenses committed by your child or the problems you’ve seen in your child in the last few days. This isn’t a list to show to your child but is a working list so that you can gain some perspective in your discipline. You’re looking for examples of problems that need to be addressed. Look for behaviors, their causes, common arenas where the problem takes place, and others who were typically involved. In this step, you’re simply gathering data and making observations.

A great time sharing with our Hindu friends...

Hi everyone.  Many of you may have seen me showing a group of families around the campus a couple weeks ago.  These guest families were Hindu, but they had called me a couple months ago expressing and interest in meeting up and hearing about Christianity beliefs and practice.  In the weeks leading up to the meeting, I studied about the Hindu faith, its varieties and intersections with the Gospel message. The visit went great!  As usual when working with children, I got some very interesting questions!  Do you have anyone in your life that practices the Hindu faith?  Here is…