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 Whoever trusts in the Lord will continue to bear good fruit at every stage of their life. The certain promise of God to his people is that he will always be at work in and through us, regardless of our circumstances, abilities, or age. This is an essential truth for the older adults in our church communities. We live in a world that frequently marginalizes and dismisses the role and value of older adults. This must not be so for God’s people, for older adults play a vital role in the life of the church.   Our ministry exist to promote fellowship of senior adults, to train a younger generation, share wisdom, and to recount God’s faithfulness in times of peril.

2024 Black History Contest

The FBC Silver Eagles Ministry is calling for students 1st grade through 12th grade to participate in the
2024 Black Hisory Contest.

African Americans and the Arts
Step 1 
  •  Choose a black person(s) from the past or present who is using or has used his/her special gifts in the ARTS to serve others, and to influence history, our culture, and you.
  • Imagine you are a president, reporter, show host, broadcaster, poet, artist, orator or other role speaking to children your age.
Step 2:
  • Research the person and use one or more of the ARTS to create an original, meaningful DIGITAL STORY* your friends would enjoy.
  • Explain who the person is, where and when the person lived, and how he or she used the gift of visual or performing art to serve others and to influence history and culture.
  •  Have your parent/guardian film your presentation using the landscape mode (sideways) on the phone.
  • Your presentation should be 2 minutes or less. 
Step 3:

2021 Black History Month Contest

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