Higher Learning & Excellence
 Scholarship Ministry

The purpose of the Higher Learning Scholarship Ministry is to provide sound personal guidance from both a biblical and educational perspective for participating students and their parents, to facilitate the awarding of scholarship awards and financial assistance to those students who meet the stated requirements, and to provide support to students and their parents. The scholarships are awarded in recognition of the scholastic achievement and Christian growth of those students who are members of Friendship Baptist Church during the award period.

The Higher Learning Scholarship Ministry is into two (2) divisions: the Elementary Division and Middle/High School Division.  
Each division will have a Scholarship Committee that will handle data collection and student tracking throughout the school year.
In order to participate in the FBC Higher Learning Scholarship and Excellence Ministry, all participants must be active members of Friendship Baptist Church.  Active member is defined as: regularly attending worship services on Sundays, regularly attending Sunday School and/or a Bible Study, as well as participating in at least one other church ministry.  All applicants must submit a completed application to the Higher Learning Scholarship Committee.   Applicants in the 6th through 12th grade must also submit a type written essay with their application. Each applicant will be assigned an advisor who is a member of the Higher Learning Scholarship Ministry.   It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep in touch with his/her advisor each month to update them on their scholastic, athletic and spiritual progress.  All copies of grades, progress reports, certificates and letters of recognition from school and the community must be submitted to applicant’s sponsor. All materials must be submitted to sponsors by determined deadlines.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Senior Scholarship Awards:  
Rev. Dr. James D. Carrington Award (1)-  $2000 Scholarship Award and Bonus Item(s).

A. D. Kendrick Founders’ Award (2)- $1500 Scholarship Award and Bonus Item(s).
Friendship Award (3)-   $1250 Scholarship Award and Bonus Item(s).

Higher Learning Award - $1000
Virginia Lineburger Service Award-   $750 Scholarship Award.

Director’s Award (4)-  $500 Scholarship Award.
Kindergarten - High School Awards: 

Future Leaders Award:

Academic Excellence Award

Honors Award

Scholastic Progress Award

Christian Growth Award

*Many in-person ministries are currently in hiatus due to the pandemic.  Ministry participation requirement may be fulfilled: Children (K-5th grade) watching and acknowledging weekly Children's Worship Experiences (CWE) and Youth (6th-12th grade) participating in the  X-Hour class on Sundays.

Volunteer to be an Advisor (Mentor) to Students

Becoming a Advisor (Mentor)
  • Mentors are members of Friendship Baptist Church
  • Mentors elected to office are active in at least one other Bible study ministry.  It is important for us to make decisions and offer support according to the Word of God.
  • Mentors are subject to a background check by the church via the Department of Justice to ensure that our children are being left in the care of trustworthy individuals.
  • We meet once a month to pray for and discuss any issues regarding the children; to check academic progress; and to plan events.

If God is calling you to serve in this ministry, please begin by signing up using the contact form to the right.

We contact perspective mentors in August-September.  Mentors can determine how many students they can comfortably manage.  We ask that you complete your commitment to the children for the year to enhance bonding and stability.  To that end, we try to keep siblings together with the same mentor, and we try to keep the mentor/child relationship intact until the child moves into the next ministry.

Volunteer to be a Advisor (Mentor)!

K - 12th Grade Scholarship Application

Now accepting applications for 2023-2024.

use the section below to upload your report cards, pictures, and other documents.

2021 Scholarship Award Video - Premiers, June 25, 2021