What is Rooted?

Rooted is a 10-week small group Discipleship Experience.  You purchase a book and each week has five days of reading.  As an example, Week 4, Where Is God In The Midst of Suffering has five days of reading: Day 1- The Reality Of Hardship And Suffering; Day 2- You Are Not Alone; Day 3- Double-Fisted Faith; Day 4- Our Response:  Surrender;   Day 5-  Character Like Christ. Each day’s reading takes about 45 minutes to an hour to read and respond to questions at the end of the reading.  In your group time you will discuss what you have read; what it means to you, how you can apply, and what God requires.  Here is what the book covers:

Week 1:     What Is Rooted?

Story of Rooted; where did it come from?

Week 2:     Who Is God?

What is your image of God? What do you learn about God from creation?  How do you see God’s love and care for you? Where do you see the consequences of human rebellion in our world?

Week 3:   How Does God Speak To Us?

What is the biggest challenge you have to reading or studying God’s Word?  What might keep you from really wanting to hear what God wants to say to you?  How can you keep in step with the Holy Spirit?  What thoughts or new ideas do you have about prayer?

Following Week Three you will have a Prayer Experience a time set aside for you to talk and listen to God.  Your homework and discussion of Week Three’s lesson will prepare you for this.

Week 4:     Where Is God In The Midst of Suffering?

When you have gone through times of despair or feeling completely alone, what were your feelings about your situation and about God?  When have you had to clench your fists and cling tightly onto God’s promises, not knowing the outcome of the situation?  What would it take to completely surrender your life to God?

Week 5:      There Is An Enemy

What new thoughts do you have about Satan and his kingdom of this world after your reading?    Where do you recognize spiritual battles in your life?  Where is the love of the world creeping into your life?

Week 6:        How Can I Make The Most Of My Life (Part 1)

Where do you feel God calling you to do good works? Who are people you know who have hearts like Jesus?  What attracts you to them?    What are ways you can become involved in the Great Commission?  What are some spiritual gifts you have been given?

Following Week Six you will have a Serve Experience.  Your Rooted Group will select a group to serve (i.e. food bank, women or men’s shelter etc).

Week 7:  How Can I Make The Most Of My Life (Part 2)

Who is your neighbor?  Where have you seen Jesus “disguised” as someone in need?  Where have you experienced the compassion of God in your life?  What are obstacles to a lifestyle of service that you have experienced?   What are your thoughts about our call to help bring peace?

Week 8:    How Does God View Money?

How does what you read this week align with your current view of money?  In your mind, what is the difference between an owner and a manger?  What is your experience with giving?

Week 9:    Why And How Should I tell Others?

What is the biggest challenge you face in telling your story with someone?  What do you think of God’s story?  Who are three people in your life that do not know Christ?

Week 10:      Why Is The Church Important?

What makes you feel like an attendee at church? What sometimes keeps you from authentic worship?  What are your thoughts about the Lord’s Supper?

Why Rooted?

Rooted is a 10 Week small group discipleship program. Groups meet at the church and in local communities in our neighboring counties. It is challenging but it is life changing. Don't believe us? Take it from this recent Rooted alumna, Ashawnta. Hear her story and then make the right decision to join the upcoming session.
Still not convinced? Listen to Randi share how Rooted gave her community at a time when she needed it most.  Then click below to sign up to be a part of your own Rooted community.
Pernell shares how Rooted has made him a better person than who he used to be. Click below to sign up for a better you.
If that isn't enough, listen to Dr. Mathews share how Rooted deepened her understanding of God after a lifelong relationship with him. Then click below to sign up for a deeper understanding of who God is and what that means for you. 


What day and time will the sessions be held?
Groups and times are set up based on the choices of those who register for Rooted.
Is there a cost?
Yes, the only cost is for the book which is $15. You can purchase the book on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.
When will the next session of Rooted be held?
It will be on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 and ending with a celebration on Sunday, November 29, 2020.
How many sessions can you miss and still be effective in Rooted?
We recommend missing no more than 3 sessions. If you cannot commit to at least 7 of the sessions, we recommend you wait and register for the next January session.
Have additional questions,
please contact Joyce Jackson at 714-579-7065 or [email protected].