6/28 - The Holy Spirit - Lesson 4

Learning Objectives: How Does the Holy Spirit Work in My Life Every Day?
(Use five key words to teach and review the work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life: Helper, Convicter, Guide, Teacher, and Changer.)
  • Every day the Holy Spirit will help you obey Him (Phil. 2:13).
  • He will cause you to feel guilty when you sin (John 16:8). This is called convicting. The Holy Spirit is convicting you when you know you have done something to displease God and should confess your sin to Him. God’s wonderful promise is He will forgive! (1 John 1:9).
  • He will guide you so your life will hon­or God (Rom. 8:14; John 16:13). How does the Holy Spirit guide you? As you read the Bible and pray.
  • He will teach you about God while you read the Bible (John 14:16). The Holy Spirit is like a teacher by your side!
  • He changes you to be more like Jesus (Gal. 5:22-23). God not only forgives your sin, He wants to fill your heart with good things!
It may be hard for children to think of the Holy Spirit as another person. Remind them that Jesus lives in the Christian by His Spirit and He will never leave him (Rom. 8:9).
We believe the truth of God’s Holy Spirit because it is in God’s Word.

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