Greetings Friendship Family!

 We are in the third week of February and getting ready for the third Sunday. I pray that your February is going well already. Pray that you had a great Valentine’s Day Wednesday. i also pray that you are walking confidently in God‘s favor, His grace and His mercy, despite the various things that are going on in our individual and collective lives.

Thank you to everyone that came out Sunday for Friendship Day. It was one of our best Friendship Days in our most recent history, and I thought that God was really kind to us. The day gave us an opportunity to connect with one another and to meet new people and you all did an amazing job. Thank you, thank you, to all of our ministries who participated. Thank you to our First Impressions Team and our Hospitality Team. You all are amazing.  I also want to thank Deaconess Melissa Hunter who helped coordinate and move things forward so wonderfully - thank you for your great work and your leadership. Know that I appreciate all of you and I believe that God is going to do MORE in 2024. Amen!

I want to also thank all those that came out to help on Wednesday with the Valentine’s Day event for the children. I pray that parents had an opportunity to hang out together, get some alone time and have a date. It is also my prayer that our reboot of Children's & Youth Ministries were able to make a great impact with our children and youth. Thank you to Lady Karima for her leadership and partnership! 
Now here are this week's announcements...

Wives! Tomorrow, February 17th, in the next WIVES CLASS. It meets virtually from 9:00-10:30 am via ZOOM. Join Lady Karima, and other Friendship wives as they as they launch into a new study entitled A Wife after God's Own Heart. This week's lesson will focus on Working As A Team.  This class is open for new members at any time.  To receive the Zoom link to the class, register today, and bring a friend! Go HERE.

The third Sunday in February is ROSA PARKS SUNDAY every year. So that makes this Sunday, February 18th our day to celebrate Rosa Park Day and I want to invite you, when you come to church on Sunday, to go to Friendship Central in the Carrington Building  and take time to see our exhibit/tribute to Rosa Parks. I’ll talk a little bit more about her on Sunday, but I pray that you’ll come and appreciate her legacy as we celebrate Black History month; her contributions to the civil rights movement and our legacy as African-Americans in these United States of America.  I am appreciative of what I have learned about her and I appreciate the Friendship Baptist Church's history and connection with her also, so I pray that you’ll come and look at this on Sunday.

Happy New Year!  Ladies, it is with exuberance, excitement and jubilant joy that we invite you to join us "In Person" for the Women’s Ministry Prayer Conference!  
Join us "In Person" on February 24th at 9:00 a.m., for a time of Praise, Prayer, Powerful Preaching and Teaching by three dynamic Kingdom Women:
  • Rev. Dr. Sonja R. Dawson (Guest Speaker) 
  • Rev. Dawnesha K. Beaver (Seminar Leader) 
  • Minister L. Victoria Thomas (Seminar Leader) 

Listen, you don't want to miss out, so mark your calendars, save the date and most importantly, don't forget to register - Go HERE.  
We look forward to seeing you there!

Also, on February 24th our Mass Choir/Combined Choir will be sing at Celebrate Gospel at Disneyland. I’m really excited about this. It is like our 10th or 11th year. I invite you to come and be a part if you’ve already gotten tickets to Disneyland again it’s Saturday, February 24. They’ll be singing at Disneyland, the special guest that Saturday is Tasha Cobbs-Leonard,  a great singer and musician. We know tickets can be pricey but check it out and perhaps you can join us.  The choir is scheduled to sing at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

I want to remind you that Friendship is turning 60 this year so very excited about that will be celebrating all year long and we want you to be apart of what’s going on. There’s still time to get your congratulatory message and you can go HERE or stop by the table on Sunday after church so that we can get that in.

Also, we want to let our ministry leaders know that we need photos from your ministries from the last three years or so to be included in our 60th Anniversary Celebration Book.   If you could email those photographs HERE ([email protected]). We would love to include those photos in the book. Send what you have an d the team will decide if it can be included or not! THANKS!!!

I look forward to our HIGH CHURCH Worship Service in a couple weeks! "High Church" is the phrase we use for a more liturgical worship. The Deacons will lead us in devotional service so get to church 15 minutes before we normally start.  I have asked our leaders to wear their OFFICIAL UNIFORMS/DRESS ATTIRE as we celebrate communion together!

ALSO, we plan to take pictures of each of our ministries on Sunday, March 3rd.  So ministry leaders, we want to encourage you to have your members here on the First Sunday.  We will take pictures before and after each service and we will have a schedule and location for you. We want to capture these ministry photos so we can include these in the Anniversary Book. So again, wear your official uniforms are whatever the uniform is for your ministry we wanna be able to take a photo of all the greeters and photo of all the ushers and a photo of all the greeters, deacons, ministers, mothers, etc.
We are excited to announce that our Youth Worship Service is back. This Sunday, February 18TH @ 11:30am all youth 6th-12th Grade are welcome to join in.  Come out as we continue this series called Bible Basics where we discover how we got the Bible and why we can trust that the Bible truly is the Word of God.  The Youth praise team will lead worship and there will also be games and fun.  They will meet in the Carrington Building Basement.  Young People, JOIN IN!

On Saturday, March 16. We will have the young adult ladies tea.  For more information, you may scan the QR code above.  For more info please contact LeShon Archer, in our Christian Education & Discipleship ministries HERE.  We would love to have the young adults ladies (Ages 18-35) participate in this tea as we seek to connect  generationally  with them.

Evangelism Conference at Gateway Seminary on Saturday, March 16.  To register, go HERE.
We want to say thank you for your giving and partnership.  YOUR GIVING MATTERS! Your faithful giving allows us to increasingly do the work of ministry for our members AND to everyone the Lord sends to us and sends us to.   Let’s keep giving to make Friendship a productive church!  You may give HERE.

General Church things to remember:
  • 2024 CHURCH THEME:
     Advancing and Expanding... for God's Glory Alone
     Ephesians 3:20-21 ESV

       Walking in the Love of God
       John 3:16; Mark 12:30-31; John 13:34; Ephesians 5:2; Deuteronomy 7:9;

     We invite everyone to consider reading God’s Word this year! As of today, you have  318 days to complete a Bible reading plan, including today. At Friendship, we encourage every
     member to read one of six Bible reading plans in the year. Consider joining a Bible-reading
    small group that will be starting soon! The plans include:
✔ The entire Bible,
✔ The Pentateuch (or the first five books of the Old Testament),
✔ The entire Old Testament,
✔ The Gospels (or the first four books of the New Testament),
✔ The entire New Testament, and
✔ Psalms and Proverbs (3 times)

      Remember,  Health Care Ministry is sponsoring a weekly Health Walk every Saturday  from
      7:00 am to 7:35 am led by Rev. Aubrey Craig and Sister Sandra Jones. This is a 30-minute
     walk. The walking group will meet on the corner of Bastanchury Road and Rose Drive.  If you
     want to participate, show up with water and energy snacks. Water and snacks will not be
     provided. For more information, please call Sister Sandra Jones at  909-438-7217.

      We invite you to stay after the first service or come earlier for the second service to attend           EX-Hour in person. Remember, we have two adult classes meeting in person on campus and
      a Young Adult Class. They meet as follows:
  • Adult Class One (Sanctuary): The team teaching in the Sanctuary includes Lady Karima Curry, Pamela Jones, Deacon Demetrius Linebarger, Melanie Porter, Vivian Randolph, & Deacon James Shelby
  • Adult Class Two (Carrington Building Room 217): The team teaching in the Carrington Building Room 217 includes Le Shon Archer, Deacon Rick Archer, Karen Ammons, Gwen Matthews, and Carl Randolph.
  • Young Adults Class (Carrington Building Rooms 207-208): This class is designed for those aged 18-35.
  • EX HOUR: Virtual Ex-Hour meets weekly on Sundays via ZOOM. Join us for class at 10:00 am via this link HERE.
  • YOUTH EX HOUR: Our in-person youth EX-Hour takes place during our designated EX Hour time in the Multipurpose Building. Parents, please encourage your students to join youth teachers for this biblically fun opportunity to learn God’s Word, connect with others, and grow.
  • CHILDREN’S EX-HOUR: As stated in previous weeks, our Children’s EX-Hour is back and meets on Sundays at 10am in the Multipurpose Building. Parents, please note you must check in and check out your children weekly for Ex-Hour.  
  • MOMMIES WITH BABIES: We have our Mommies with Babies class simultaneously during EX-Hour in the Multipurpose Building. Mommies with two years old and younger children are invited to this EX-HOUR class and are encouraged to bring their children with them! Come for encouragement, community, and growth! Amen!
  • WEDNESDAY Prayer Day: Join us each Wednesday for Prayer. We pray at 6:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 6:30 pm. To connect with our prayer services, please follow this link HERE or dial in at +1 (413) 418-4274 and use the PIN 287683504#. 
  • Friendship FOOD BANK OPEN: The Friendship Food Bank is OPEN with a new drive-thru system where our clients will receive a pre-packaged food box and a bag of groceries.  The Food Bank’s hours of operation are Tuesday - Thursday, 2:30 pm-4:30 pm.  

As I close today, I am saddened this week about two deaths that we found out about.   Last Friday we learned about the passing of Deaconess Ejai Hall. Her daughter Tracy contacted me and let me know that she have passed away that was on Friday, February 9th and then many of you know this week on Tuesday, February 13th Deacon Charles Owens, a beloved a member and leader in our church went home to be with the Lord.  

Deaconess Ejai Hall’s service will take place on Wednesday, March 6th at 11 AM here at Friendship. Services for Deacon Charles Owens Jr. have just been scheduled for Friday, March 1st, also here at Friendship (this is different than what the video states and different that what you may have received on Thursday).  

Friendship may we in this time of bereavement and heartache love on one another.   May we remind ourselves of what Jesus says John 14; “Let your heart be troubled believe in God, believe in him [Jesus]."  Be encourage beloved. I’m having a hard time, but I trust in God.

I look  forward to seeing you on Sunday. We continue our series in Acts because we are On the Move! We will be Acts 3:1 through Acts 4:4 and we pray that God will speak to us in a very real and a specific way. I look forward to seeing you.

Remember this, God loves you. He loves me. He loves us and we are grateful that He is on our side.

I’ll see you Sunday. Have a great weekend.
Rev. Kenneth C. Curry, Jr.
Your Pastor

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