Sharing the Gospel With Other Cultures

By Rev. Jaron Singley

Hi everyone.  

Many of you may have seen me showing a group of families around the campus a couple weeks ago.  These guest families were Hindu, but they had called me a couple months ago expressing and interest in meeting up and hearing about Christianity beliefs and practice.  In the weeks leading up to the meeting, I studied about the Hindu faith, its varieties and intersections with the Gospel message.
Do you have anyone in your life that practices the Hindu faith?  Here is…

What to Keep in Mind When Sharing the Gospel with a Hindu

Pray First
Before sharing the gospel, I separate myself and pray, “Please, Lord, help me to connect.” God can show you the moment for which he has been preparing a Hindu to hear the gospel. I’ve heard the voice of the Lord saying inwardly, “Now is the time to tell them of my love.”

Talk about Practical Applications of the Gospel
I’ve found practical applications of Scripture, the gospel, and truth are needed when sharing the gospel with Hindus. Those who are interested in the gospel will have many questions, which is understandable because Hindu beliefs are built so strongly into culture. It’s a major worldview shift, and they need to see how the gospel works itself out practically in the life of a Christian.

“You are the gospel’s evidence of how Christ can change lives.”

Christians must demonstrate how the gospel practically affects your life, your choices, your demeanor. You are the gospel’s evidence of how Christ can change lives.

Emphasize Love and Direct Relationship
Talking about love and a direct and personal relationship with God is revolutionary for Hindus because they don’t have a connection to the gods. And that a god would love us—that’s pure gold.

When inviting a Hindu to church, then, it’s important that the ambiance of the church is welcoming. If the gospel is forcibly or angrily presented, it will often push them away because of the anger so present in Hinduism. Preach the truth in love.

Be Honest
When I’m honest about the change in my life, people understand that my household belongs to Jesus. I don’t hide the reason for why we’ve made changes—why we don’t make sacrifices or go to the temples. I don’t fear my community’s disdain.

Spirituality is not a topic Hindus usually avoid, so don’t be shy about it. Be gentle but straightforward when you share the gospel. Your confidence in Christ, your life, your behavior, your graceful nature, your willingness to forgive, and your calm and composed mind is what will demonstrate to Hindus that you belong to Christ and are not of this world. Many Hindus truly want to know how to have a relationship with God. Perhaps God has appointed you to be the one to tell them.

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