Greetings, Friendship Family,

It’s the First Friday of October in the year 2022! I pray this video message finds each of you well. It’s been a busy week for me, but you know your pastor, busyness is where I thrive. So God is sustaining me this week, and I pray that He is sustaining you too! Remember, this entire month, we are praying for our Dependence on God! Acts 17:28 reminds us, “In him (Christ) we live and move and have our being….”

The mere fact that you’re awake today is a testimony that you can depend on God. Day after day, His faithfulness towards us is shown, regardless if we acknowledge it. But we often have difficulty depending on God because we can’t “see” Him. Depending on God goes back to having faith in God. So Have faith that God has everything you need and is taking care of all you place in His capable hands.

Pray for me. I am speaking at the Atherton Baptist Church in Hawthorne for their 2022 Men’s Conference tomorrow, October 8th. I know I will see some of the men of Friendship! So pray that God is honored by your pastor! Also, pray for Lady Karima. She is speaking at the Women’s event at The View Church in Temecula!

I look forward to seeing your Sunday! We will continue our series on Spiritual Disciplines. This Sunday, I will focus on the Study of God’s Word. We will tackle the idea of reading, memorizing, and studying God’s Word as one discipline. Join me Sunday as we Celebrate Discipline! Remember, we are utilizing the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster. This book is a great resource that we can utilize to structure and guide our spiritual growth. I pray that when we get to the other side of this series, we will look just a little bit more like Jesus. Go HERE for a pdf copy of the book.

Here are your announcements…
The RHEMA MEN’S MONTHLY FELLOWSHIP will be in person in the MPR on Monday, October 10th, at 7pm.  We will continue our discussion from the September fellowship titled Man Up!  Again, Dr. David Smith will join us as our session leader. Food will be served. We’re asking all men to register via the provided link so we can plan accordingly. Registration requested for headcount and roster info. Please register HERE.

As we enter the last quarter, it is our custom to participate in our FOURTH QUARTER PUSH! Just as a football team might experience intense focus and renewed momentum in the fourth quarter to FINISH STRONG and win the game, our FOURTH QUARTER PUSH is our way of encouraging the Friendship Family to FINISH STRONG.

✔️ Finish Strong in Biblical Stewardship ~ returning a whole tithe and giving generously. Then, let’s Bring the Whole Tithe faithfully to God.

✔️ Finish Strong in Bible Reading ~ beginning this next week; we have eight Bible Reading Small Groups to help you complete a Bible reading plan by year-end. These groups are designed to promote reading a Bible plan in community with others and accountability. See below for more information. It’s not too late to join!

✔️ Finish Strong in Bible Study ~ we have several Bible Study opportunities that begin next week. Will you consider joining one? See below for information on our Bible Studies.

✔️ Finish Strong in adopting Spiritual Disciplines. Consider reading the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster and taking the personal challenge I give each week at the end of each message.

A Friendship Voter Registration table will be in the quad on Sundays, October 9th, 16th, and 23rd. The table will b available ½ hour before the 1st service, between the first and 2nd service, and ½  hour after the 2nd service. Please call, email, or text Mark Saunders at 714-914-1411 [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations.

The Healthcare Ministry is offering free flu vaccines. The flu clinic will be held on Sunday, October 16th, from 9:30am to 1:00pm in the Nurse’s Office area in the Multipurpose Building. If you want a flu shot, you must sign up on Sunday, October 9th, at the Healthcare Ministry table in the quad so they know how many vaccines to order. Get your flu shot so the flu doesn’t get you!

The next Side by Side Couples Ministry class is scheduled for Friday, October 14th at 7p via Zoom. This group studies the book You and Me Forever by Lisa and Francis Chan. The topic for the upcoming session is Is There Hope For Us? If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Hilton McDaniel at (949) 652-1489 or email Sheila McDaniel at [email protected]. To join the session, go HERE. They look forward to you joining the class.  

Our annual “Remembering our Lost Loved Ones” service is fast approaching.  The date for the service is Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 7p.  If you would like to have your loved one(s) pictured in the slide presentation, please send us the following information starting September 23, 2022.
⚫ Name of your Loved One
⚫ A picture of your Loved One
⚫ Sunrise Date
⚫ Sunset Date
⚫ Relationship to your loved one

If we included your loved one in last year’s pictorial presentation and you want them included this year, you do not have to resend the information. However, if you do not want your loved one included this year, please notify Rev Felton Christian via phone or email with the same information and include the word (Remove). The deadline to submit your information is today, Friday, October 7, 2022.

Save the Date! All parents of students in the scholarship ministry - Our Kick-off Orientation Meeting will be on Wednesday, October 19th,  at 7:30pm. This will be a virtual meeting. We will provide the log-on information next week. This meeting is mandatory for all participants.

Ladies, join us for our “Virtual” Women Of Radiant Design (W.O.R.D.) Conference on Saturday, October 22nd at 10a.  It’s our 30th Anniversary! The theme for this year’s conference is Kingdom Women: Rooted, Growing and Flourishing in Faith – Believing the Best is Yet to Come.  We are excited and waiting with tip-toe anticipation as our special guests and beloved Pastor Janae Pitts-Murdock, Rev. Dr. MarQuerita Story, and Rev. Dr. Karen Stewart join us with a timely Word about Women of Faith in the Bible. So don’t delay, register today, and be sure to invite a friend!  

Be sure to join us on Sunday, October 23rd, as we celebrate Women’s Day - Praise In Pink at Friendship. We invite Friendship members and our guests to wear something pink to honor breast cancer survivors and to honor the memory of those we lost to the disease. Service times are 8:00a and 11:30a.  Ladies, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible Women’s Weekend!  More information and updates can be found on the church website at


⚫ New Members Class: If you’ve recently become a member of Friendship or are a member who has never attended the New Members Class, we invite you to attend a new session starting on Sunday, October 2nd. Over eight weeks, this class teaches what we believe about fundamental Christian doctrines, including Salvation, the Trinity, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. In addition, this class provides a good foundation on key doctrines in the Bible. Join this class at 10a on Sundays on the 2nd floor of the Carrington Building, Room 209. Please register to attend: New Members-Fall 2022

⚫ Women’s Bible Study: This new class started Wednesday, September 21st, and ladies, there’s still room for you to join! This 12-week Bible study titled “Learning Contentment in a Culture of More” will focus on the book of Numbers and help participants see themselves in the story of the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness. Though God led them out of slavery and provided for all their needs, they grumbled and chose to go their way instead of following God’s instructions. Through their story, students learn how to be content with deliverance, preparation, uncertainty, obedience, opposition, and blessings.

We still have a few books remaining and invite all ladies to consider joining us for this exciting study.  The cost per book is $10. The class meets at 7:30p and is held virtually. Please utilize the following link to enroll in this class: Women’s Bible Study: Numbers, Learning Contentment in a Culture of More

⚫ Assurance of Salvation: Starting this Wednesday, October 5th, at 7:30 p.m., Deacon Toreno Winn will lead an in-person bible study on our Assurance of Salvation.  Come study what the scriptures reveal about the believer’s confidence in Jesus Christ as our assurance of salvation.  When leading others to Christ, can you clearly articulate why believers are confident in their salvation and eternal life? Join this class and be equipped with the Word. This class will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings in the Carrington Building, room 207/208. Register to attend: Assurance of Salvation Bible Study 

⚫ Men’s Bible Study: All men are invited to join our weekly Men’s Bible Study as we continue to study books of the Bible. This Wednesday, October 5th, the men will start a new study in the Book of Galatians. A primary theme of the book of Galatians is that believers are justified in Jesus Christ alone. Deacon Hilton McDaniel leads this study and invites all men to join him online at 7:30 p.m. Register to attend: Men’s Bible Study

⚫ Singles Class: All singles are invited to participate in a new Bible study titled, Be Still. A Simple Guide to Quiet Times. This class starts Thursday, October 6th at 7p and will be held virtually. For some, these two simple words, “be still,” are a welcome invitation to slow down. Others feel impossible, out of reach in our increasingly noisy world, or simply too hard to maintain. This 7-session study will equip you with the tools needed to deepen your relationship with God and help you see that even amid a busy life, you can spend quiet time with God. Books can be purchased between Sunday services or in the church office during the week. The cost per book is $15. Please utilize the following link to enroll in this class: Singles Bible Study: Be Still

⚫ Hermeneutics Class: Join Rev. Patrick Christian for a new Hermeneutics class starting on Saturday, October 15th. Hermeneutics is the method of interpreting the meaning of text or Scriptures. Over the centuries, many Christians have abused the Bible through “proof-texting:” Using the Bible like a telephone book of text, they cite by chapter and verse to prove their viewpoint. This approach can and has led to many distortions and errors. This 12-week course will help participants learn how to interpret God’s Word accurately and will be offered online on Saturdays at 11a. Please register to attend: Hermeneutics-Fall 2022

You have 86 days to complete a Bible reading plan, including today. This weekend begins the final quarter of 2022 (can you believe it?!), and we want to encourage all who desire to complete a Bible reading plan by year-end to know: There’s still time for you to do so! We are offering several Bible Reading Small Groups NOW. These groups are designed to promote reading a Bible plan in community with others and accountability. Check them out below.

⚫ Old Testament: Schedule: 6:30p, 2nd and 4th Mondays, starting October 10th. Facilitators: Freda Petersen & Dea. Al Upshur. Registration link: Old Testament Bible Reading Group-Mondays Reading Plan: Old Testament 90-Day Reading Plan
⚫ The Gospels: Schedule: 7p every other week, starting October 10th. Facilitators: Brandon & Audrey Shelby. Registration link: The Gospels Bible Reading Group. Reading Plan: The Gospels 90-Day Reading Plan

⚫ New Testament: Schedule: 7p every other week, starting October 11th. Facilitators: Tonya Whiteside, Deaconess Debra Hailey, & Greg Green. Registration link: New Testament Bible Reading Group-Tuesdays. Reading Plan: New Testament 90-Day Reading Plan.
⚫ Entire Bible: Schedule: 7p every other week, starting October 11th. Facilitator: Rev. Keturah Washington. Registration link: Entire Bible Reading Group. Reading Plan: Entire Bible 90-Day Reading Plan

⚫ New Testament: Schedule: 6p every other week, starting October 12th. Facilitator: Dea. Bill Jenkins. Registration link: New Testament Bible Reading Group-Wednesdays. Reading Plan: New Testament 90-Day Reading Plan


⚫ Old Testament: Schedule: 10a every other week, starting October 13th. Facilitators: Ray & Ava Campbell. Registration link: Old Testament Bible Reading Group-Thursdays. Reading Plan: Old Testament 90-Day Reading Plan
⚫ Psalms/Proverbs 3x: Schedule: 7p every other week, starting October 13th. Facilitators: Rina Bailey & Erwin Cross. Registration link: Psalms/Proverbs 3xs Bible Reading Group. Reading Plan: Psalms/Proverbs 90-Day Reading Plan
 ⚫ The Pentateuch: Schedule: 7:30p every other week, starting October 13th. Facilitators: Deaconess Brenda Matthews & Shawna Chambers. Registration link: The Pentateuch Bible Reading Group. Reading Plan: The Pentateuch 90-Day Bible Reading Plan.

The 2022 So Harvest Crusade will occur at the Angels Stadium of Anaheim on November 5th & 6th. This evangelistic hope-filled event encourages those anxious about what the future holds for this crazy mixed-up world. It is two days of music, community, and hearing a life-changing message from Pastor Greg Laurie about getting right with God. Please go HERE to understand the event and see how you can attend, spread the word, invite others, and serve. There are volunteer opportunities available. Please check the volunteer page HERE.

Join in as we take the “game” into Overtime!  Pastor Curry and Executive Pastors Rodney Friend and Jaron Singley share highlights, thoughts, and jokes to help make this series even more practical. You may access this series on our YouTube channel or follow the link HERE.

⚫ Sunday, October 16th ~ First Evergreen MBC ~ Pastor Earl Estell ~ Men’s Day Service @ 3:30pm. Wrecking Crew will provide music. Church Address: 1200 N. Wilmington Ave, Compton, CA 90222.
⚫ Sunday, October 23rd ~ New Mount Calvary MBC ~ Pastor Sonja R. Dawson ~ Ministry Leaders Appreciation Sunday @ 11:00am. Church Address: 402 E. El Segundo Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90061.

General Church things to remember:
United & Unashamed: God’s People United in Mission, Ministry, & Mandate
1 Corinthians 12:12-27 ESV; Romans 1:16-17 ESV

Matt. 11;28; 1 Cor. 15:58; 2 Cor. 9:8; Col. 3:23-24.

Make sure to follow us on our social media pages for upcoming content. For Facebook, that’s @FriendshipBaptistChurch. For Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, it’s @wearefriendshipchurch.

IN-PERSON EX-HOUR: In-person Ex-Hour meets each Sunday from 10am to 11am. We now have two adult classes meeting in person on campus, along with a Young Adult Class. They meet as follows:
○ Adult Class One (Sanctuary): The team teaching in the sanctuary includes Lady Karima Curry, Pamela Jones, Deacon Demetrius Linebarger, Melanie Porter, Vivian Randolph, & Deacon James Shelby
○ Adult Class Two (Carrington Building Room 217): The team teaching in the Carrington Building Room 217 includes Le Shon Archer, Deacon Rick Archer, Karen Ammons, Gwen Matthews, and Rev. Phil Yoder.
○ Young Adults Class (Carrington Building Rooms 207-208): This class is designed for those aged 18-35.

If you’ve recently become a member of Friendship or are a member who has never attended the New Members Class, we invite you to attend a new session starting on Sunday, October 2nd. Over eight weeks, this class teaches what we believe about fundamental Christian doctrines, including Salvation, the Trinity, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. In addition, this class provides a good foundation on key doctrines in the Bible. Join us at 10 a.m. on Sundays; we meet on the 2nd floor of the Carrington Building, Room 209.

We invite you to stay after the first service or come earlier for the second service to attend Ex Hour in person.

EX HOUR: Virtual Ex-Hour meets weekly on Sundays via ZOOM. Join us for class at 10am via this link HERE.  

YOUTH EX HOUR: Our youth Ex Hour takes place during our designated EX Hour time via Google Meet and in person. Yes, it’s a hybrid approach! Parents, please encourage your students to join youth teachers for this biblically fun opportunity to learn God’s Word, connect with others, and grow. To join Youth Ex-Hour, follow the link HERE.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY VIDEO: A weekly Children’s Ministry Worship Video is provided to keep our children connected, encouraged, and worshipping! It is available through our website HERE or the Friendship YouTube Channel HERE.

WEDNESDAY Prayer Day: Join us each Wednesday for Prayer. We pray at 6:30am, 12pm, and 6:30pm. To connect with our prayer services, please follow this link HERE or dial +1 (413) 418-4274 and use the PIN 287683504#.

FBC FOOD BANK OPEN: The FBC Food Bank is OPEN with a new drive-thru system where our clients will receive a pre-packaged food box and a bag of groceries.  The Food Bank’s hours of operation are Tuesday - Thursday, 2:30pm-4:30pm.

COVID Recovery Kits:
We still have Covid Recovery Kits through Providence Health and the Yorba Linda Rotary Club. These kits help individuals who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and are recovering at home. Each kit includes a pulse oximeter to monitor breathing, a thermometer, a box of masks, and a package of sanitizing wipes in a small canvas bag. If you or someone in your family could benefit from one of these kits, please call the church office and arrange to get one.

COVID Membership Assistance Fund: We are STILL accepting COVID Membership Assistance Grant applications. If you are experiencing financial distress due to COVID-19, we invite you to apply for one of our $500 assistance grants. The guidelines are available HERE, and the application is available HERE.

Have you lost your favorite Bible, glasses, or a personal item while here at the church? If so, please contact the church office at 714-528-0990 or stop by on the 1st floor of the Carrington Building Monday-Friday between 9:00am-5:30pm or Sunday between 10:00am-2:00pm. There is a collection on the blue counter under the TV monitor.

Continue to Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Connected!

God loves you, and so do I!

In His Service,
Rev. Kenneth C. Curry, Jr.
Your Pastor
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